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Fascia Boards

Fascia Boards are fitted to your property normally to provide support for the last row of tiles and a fixing point for the gutters. They are also fitted to protect the ends of the roofing joists from the weather We specialise in replacing wooden fascia boards with strong, thick UPVC boards that do not decay over time or require painting. Using marine grade stainless steel fixings, We install the Fascias to the ends of the rafters to provide a maintenance free solution and provide the correct support for the tiles and gutters.Fascia boards come in a variety of different heights ranging from 100mm to 600mm and are available in both a standard plain board, tongue and groove or ogee finish. Due to expansion and contraction custom made joint trims provide a neat finish where required In some cases the end of the rafters of roofing joists have become perished over time due to water ingress or the premature rotting of the existing wooden fascias spreading through to the rafter ends. Should this be the case we cut any rot and treat any bare edges with wood preserver. We then install a new piece of tantalised (pre treated) rafter and carefully re align it to provide a sound fixing substrate for your new fascias.


Using ‘traditional plain’ Soffit Boards or ‘tongue and groove Soffit Board’, We can expertly install Soffits in a wide variety of styles and colours.Corners are mitred and special trims are used to ensure a professional neat finish. Soffit vents can be installed if thats what the customer requires.


The gutters on your property channel the rain water collected by your roof space away from your property normally into your storm water drains or a soak awayWe have a comprehensive range of different guttering styles and fittings to suit every job. Whether you have a semi detached property and wish to change the style of your guttering to that of your neighbour or simply wish to match the style of your conservatory to ‘tie in’ with your property, we have the solution for you. Any joins required have two neoprene seals as opposed to one rubber seal proving to be far superior for water tightness.Every time we install guttering we use a stringline to provide optimum fall and cosmetic appearance. We will cut back the gutter to the nearest join to provide symmetry so that the overall appearance is that it has been ‘made to measure’ for your property rather than having the look of being retrospectively fitted