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Solar Inserts

Solar inserts can be installed into existing polycarbonate roofs meaning that entire roof replacement is not necessary, this simple upgrade using solar inserts has many benefits including reducing the temperature of your conservatory in the summer and maintaining heat during the winter working similar to insulation. Solar inserts can truly make your conservatory a room fit for work and play reducing the amount of harmful UV glare by half.

As an existing conservatory owner you are well aware of the problems associated with excessive heat, uncomfortable glare and fading of fabrics and furniture. 80% of the suns solar energy passes directly through your polycarbonate roof. Solar Inserts are a simple and effective way to make your conservatory into an every day room. As our chairman say’s “It’s not rocket science”

Thermal qualities may differ depending on the type and thickness of your polycarbonate however, be it 16mm triple wall or 90mm ultra light 500 we can supply a tailor made insert to compliment your roof in a choice of colour combinations

Solar Inserts can be installed to any type of polycarbonate.Solar Inserts are available to fit all types of Polycarbonate. However, for optimum performance the inserts must be fitted in the correct way and be the correct size.

Fitting The Correct Insert

Optimum performance is achieved by fitting Solar Inserts in a convex shape held under slight pressure in the top cavity of the polycarbonate (see illustration). The convex shape offers the best reflective angle to the sun’s solar energy and prevents excessive heat build up in the polycarbonate. As a result, less expansion and contraction of the polycarbonate is experienced which in turn creates less stress and a longer working life

Window Film

Window film is the cost effective way of cooling your conservatory, our range of window film reduces the suns solar energy by up to 80% therefore reducing heat build up. It can also work in reverse during the winter reducing cold spots in your conservatory. Window film is easy to apply, cost effective whilst helping to prolong the life of fabrics and upholstery against UV damage.

If your conservatory roof is glass, over 80% of the suns solar energy passes directly into your conservatory. With no protection against high levels of glare and Ultra Violet, you often have a room which is uncomfortable or even unusable in high summer. Our recommended Window films for Conservatory Roofs are:

  • Solar Control Silver
  • Solar Control Light Silver
  • UV Solar Deluxe

Window films reduce heat build up by excluding up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy, reduces glare by up to 87% and excludes 99% of harmful UV rays, helps to protect your furnishings and fabrics against bleaching and fading. In winter, window films take away cold spots and reduce radiated cold, making your conservatory more comfortable